Cofred Roundup For February 2022
Posted on March 02, 2022 16:17

Cofred is a fintech company that provide payment infrastructure for global merchant and payment service providers across the globe,

Emerging markets offer a multitude of opportunities for global online merchant, however, having local market knowledge on matters such as payment preferences, compliance with local regulations is the only way merchants can realise such an oppotuinity while remaining complaint. Cofred’s single API enables merchant with reliable and scalable access to Cofred regional and local payment processors, enabling them to fulfil the unique need of each market.

 Cofred  has been growing rapidly, added nearly 40% increase in customer base (new users) in the month February and we are deemed to spotlight our progress report with you .

Newly integrated merchant


Wisosa is the easiest and most secure way to buy, sell and store digital currencies. The application provides a fiat wallet with an easy payment method that enables its users to buy and sell crypto-currencies locally and internationally.

Business Phone: +2349047403099

Business Email:

Description: We buy,sell and trade Cryptocurrency.




MackayArtz is an individual or a sole proprietorship business that was established in 2021. Just as the name suggests, it is an art business that has the aim of producing artworks for art collectors and art enthusiasts. My mission is the help people generate an interest in art and I hope it can happen in the years to come.

Business Name: MackayArtz

Business Address: Pokuase, Accra

Business City: Accra

Business State: Greater Accra

Business Phone: 0554828427

Business Email:


Soho Grand

Soho Grand sell cosmetic products and apparel for customers all across the globe.

Business Address: Tetteh Gbogbo st., 49

Business City: Greater Accra

Business State: Greater Accra

Business Phone: +233244197496

Business Email:

Posted on March 02, 2022 16:17