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How to Order for a CofredPay Virtual Card

Go beyond borders without restriction and enjoy unlimited access to numerous websites both local and international with our virtual card.

To order, just follow the steps below:

For the web.
1. Log in to you CofredPay Account,
2. Click on "Cards"
3. Click on "Order Virtual Card"

A pop up screen will show, fill in the requirements and submit.

For the App.
1. Log in to your CofredPay Account,
2. Tap on the menu icon,
3. Select "cards"
4. Tap The plus icon (+) on the bottom right corner.
5. Tap "order card now"
6. Input the amount you want to pre-load into it and tap "next".
7. Review and submit.

Note: To order this card, you must convert from your local currency to US dollars, as it is issued in USD.

Also, the minimum amount to be pre-loaded to your card is 5$.

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