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How to fund my Cofred Cedi Account

To deposit into your Cofred account from Ghana, please follow these few steps below:

For the web

Step 1: Log in to your Cofred account,
Step 2: Click on "money" displayed on your dashboard,
Step 3: Click on "deposit money",
Step 4: Select Ghanaian Cedi account. 

Step 5: Input the amount you intend to deposit and select one of the four options for depositing [MoMo(auto), MoMo(manual) debi/credit card and bank deposit) and click "next".
step 5: Confirm the payment and click "submit".

For the app

Step 1: Log in to your Cofred App,
Step 2: Tap on the icon button on the top left corner,
Step 3: Tap on "money",
Step 4: Tap on "deposit money",
Step 5: Select Ghanaian Cedi account and input the amount you want to deposit, then tap "proceed".
Step 6: Select one of the four options for depositing [MoMo(auto), MoMo (manual) debi/credit card and bank deposit).
Step 7: Review the payment and tap "confirm deposit".

Note: For any manual deposit (bank or momo) you will be credited only when we receive the funds.

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