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How To Send Money To Any Bank Account In Nigeria

STEP 1: Tap on the app icon on your phone screen and then enter your 4-digit pin to open the app

STEP 2: Click on the MENU BAR at the top left of the screen from the displayed dashboard

STEP 3: Click on MONEY and then from the options displayed select SEND MONEY

STEP 4: Choose your Cofred Naira account, and input the amount to be sent (minimum amount you can transfer per transaction is NGN1,000)


STEP 6: Tap on the plus (+) sign at the down right

STEP 7: Select receiver's bank, input receiver's account number and name and click SUBMIT

STEP 8: Enter your Cofred app 4-digit pin

STEP 9: "Bank account added successfully!'' Click on OKAY!

STEP 10: Select receiver's bank account

STEP 11: Confirm the transaction details, tap on "ADD A NOTE'' (optional) to add more transaction particulars and click SEND NOW

STEP 12: Enter your Cofred 4-digit pin again


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